India, the second-largest populous country in the world. Seventh largest by land (3,287,263km). Popular in the world because it is the largest democracy. Early or first Humans arrived in India 55kiloyears ago (55 millenniums or simply 55,000 years) from the continent of Africa. They were nomads back then. Settled around the Indus river nearly 9kiloyears ago. The modern Indus Valley Civilization emerged from that settlement. Some 4,200 years ago Sanskrit (archaic language of Rigveda) had developed. It was the time of the birth of Hinduism (as a religion).

Caste system (Aryans [Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya] none-Aryans [Shudra, Achoot, Maleech and all other than Hindus and all animals except religious animals of Hinduism) emerged in India around 2,400 years ago. The status of women in Hinduism declined in Gupta and Maurya empires (they were burned alive with their husbands until the late 19th century). Untouchability was also practiced within Hinduism in these empires, it became a socio-cultural practice in early India with Suttee (burning of wives alive with their husbands on the pyre of funeral).


Islam is the second-largest religion in India. Currently, they are about 170 million. In Pakistan, they are 200 million and in Bangladesh, they are about 150 million. They make 14.23 percent of India.

Malik Bin Deenar (r.a) was the first companion of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who came to India and built a masjid in the west coast of India around 629 AD (the masjid is still there, the first masjid in the subcontinent). After that numerous Arab traders visited the coastline of India for business. Haris Bin Murrah and Saifi Bin Faisal Ash Shaibani were the officers of Ali’s (the fourth caliph of Rashidun Caliphate and son in law of Prophet of Islam) army who came to Makran in 658AD. During the government of Umayyads, many Shias took asylum in the areas what is now Pakistan.

Meds (an ethnic the community found in Balochistan and Sindh) attacked a ship carrying families of Muslim traders and gifts for Caliph. This time the son in law and nephew of Hajjaj bin Yousaf Thaqfi (Mohammad Bin Qasim) came to India.

Then there were Ghaznavids, Mughals, Khilji, Ghaurids, Muslim dervishes, mystics, and others who came from Central Asia, the Middle East, and far parts of the Muslim world.


Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus (Isa a.s.) brought Christianity to India in 52AD in Kerala. Christians are 2.78 million in India. They are 2.3 percent.


They are about 2.1 million according to the 2011 census. Sikhism is the the third largest religion in India.


There are 23 official languages in India. English is the second largest language spoken or understood widely in India.


There are nearly half a dozen active separatist movements in India. 17 major and 50 minor movements according to defense .pk. Some famous movements have been described below.

North East India
ULFA demands a separate country for the natives of Assam. More than 10,000 people have lost their lives for demanding a separate homeland in the area. Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam (MULTA) also wants an independent area for Assamese Muslims. There are nearly two dozen separatist movements in north east India. The famous ones are as followed.
·         Assam (there are 7 active separatist groups in the area)

  • ·         Manipur: United National Liberation Front, & Peoples’ Liberation Army of Manipur
  • ·         Nagaland:
  • ·         Tripura:
  • ·         Meghalaya
  • ·         Mizoram
  • ·         Bodoland

Sikhs have been longing for a separate country ever since the independence of subcontinent from Britain. Master Tara Singh was the Sikh leader who chose to remain with India. After the partition of the subcontinent, most of the Sikhs left Pakistan, abandoned their homes, lands, and business for good.

India carved out two more provinces from the existing province, Punjab after the partition, which further disheartened Sikhs. Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, these three provinces were made out of one.

Operation blue star was the worst in Sikh history. Some Sikh historians even claim that it was worst than the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Innocent people lost their lives in the Sikh sacred place.

The heightened intolerance against all the minorities against India has made the matters worse for the country. Dalits are also considered minorities according to upper class Hindu castes, because Brahmins are very few compared to Dalits.



There is a number of reformation movements active in India right now, but some prominent organizations caught the attention of international media.

Indians have always been ruled by foreigners. Whether it be Maurya Dynasty or later Muslims from Central Asia. The first time in history, after the freedom of India in 1947 they were succeeded to rule India. Because they never had the government of their own. They committed atrocities, suppressed minorities, and did everything to ruin their country and make it a living hell even for Hindu Dalits. There were Hindu states, but they were small in number and none ever succeeded to rule most parts of India. That is what Congress succeeded to tell Britain that we were not part of the 1857 mutiny. We just came under new rulers, we are used to living under foreign governments, first Muslims, now you. It was Muslims who did the rebellion because they lost their governments. They had been ruling India for 1,000 years. Nothing changed for us.

India went for a secular state after the partition. But living with Britishers and sharing key posts with them seeing a probable future where they will have a country of their own. Reformists movements started emerging in India. Some salient movements have been outlined below, that paved the way for the slogan, Hindustan for Hindus only.
Cow has a value of more than a human life. they are free to wander anywhere.


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) (National Volunteer Organization in English). RSS is India’s armed paramilitary right-wing party. There is a conglomeration of parties called Sangh Parivar and RSS is just a part of that larger family. There are almost 60 lac active members of RSS who have every sort of combat training to oust non-Hindus by every mean, out of India. Its members belong to every walk of life and every gender and age (from 15-70 both male and female).

RSS first raised the issue of the cow in India and in the early 1900s. RSS admired Adolf Hitler in Benito Mussolini during world war II for their killings of poor Jews. The British government had banned the RSS during British Raj in India in Punjab area.

Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar had outlined the RSS objectives in the early period of the organization. Non-Hindus living in India should respect and accept Hinduism and learn their texts, language, culture, and norms. If they do not, then they should live as secondary citizens under Hindus enjoying no rights, privileges. They can claim nothing not even a normal treatment.


It Hindu militant organization and member of the RSS family. This militant organization runs 2500 akhadas (militant training camps). Bajrang Dal wants to convert the Indian history and landscape identity to Hindu identity the same as RSS. Babari Masjid, Taj Mahal, Lal Qila, and everything that is associated with any other religion rather than Hindus should be demolished at once or should be used as a Hanuman Temple as Bajrang is the name of Hanuman.

Bajrang Dal was banned in 1992 after the Babri Masjid incident. Its adherents have always tortured people and even married couples on valentine’s day, Eid, Baqra Eid and on such occasions celebrated by non-Hindus.



It is also a militant organization that operates from Mumbai (Maharashtra). It is also a political party founded by Bal Thackrey. The party structure is composed of the footings of the Hindu caste system, Brahmin at the top and gradually under come to the low castes religion wise.

Shiv Sena has destroyed the cricket pitch in Agra stadium on which a match was going to be played between India and Pakistan. Like other Hindu nationalist organizations, Shiv Sena is also against minorities. But it is severely against Muslims due to the historical reasons that India has major historical monuments by Muslims only.



This is purely a Hindu spiritual organization. It has almost 400 million followers. PM Narendra Modi is also a member of RSS and BAPS. The head of BAPS is considered as a god on earth. Several Arab countries have given Mandirs and Charities to BAPS like UAE and other Arab countries. The head of BAPS is also worshiped like a god. This organization also wants minorities to be expelled from India.


Hindus always had grievances against Muslims. Because Muslims were in the second majority in India and they had ruled the subcontinent for over a thousand years. Gave it a language (Hindu is actually Urdu, Hindus thrusted Sanskrit words in Urdu to maintain a separate identity and called Hindi), introduced orchards, gardens, cultures, spices, and attire to India. Even the Muslims wrote early histories of India as well. But Hindus distorted the History, ousted the Muslims and other minorities and are doing everything possible to either expel or convert them.

According to political science formula, you need only twenty percent population to disintegrate the country. In India’s case, she has turned half of its population against herself including all the neighboring countries. Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Dalits and Buddhists, life has been taken its tolls from them in India. The country is nearing its disintegration. If she wants to reverse the process, she should open up her arms, her hearts for all the humans alike. The murder of Gandhi was also an RSS adherent. He has mutilated the secular façade of India.

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