Blogging and earning seems hard work. Many people search online to learn blogging in a specific niche (consider it a topic for the ease of understanding) like the automobile industry, cellphone, or the niches of their likings. Others simply go for writing on any random topic that intrigues them. Like I do.

YUU can also become a blogger if you know how to turn on a computer and search online. It is as simple as that. Stick to this blog here and WEE will teach you step by step from scratch.

Want to hear how I started YUUWEE? If no, then please move to the next paragraph.

I was earning online on Fiverr. Barely making any money (just $30 in the first week). I know I could have earned more if I were patient. I searched for online resources for about two years prior to that. I went for digital marketing, e-commerce, HTML, and many other things. But all went futile as I don’t have such an educational background understanding of these subjects. All along I had studied only arts subjects my whole life. Watching my friends around earning online, I decided to make money as well. The first thing was typing (that is a must in this field initially, at an advanced level you can use google docs voice typing). Typing gives you a sense of achievement. in the advanced level you have a sequential flow in your thoughts, it will be much easier for you for speach typing.


The difference between the two is that BLOG is all about the written content (like 4YuuWee). The website can be anything except written content. It can be an E-store like Daraz, or Alibaba or Amazon. Or a catalog like Whatmobile. Or it can be a newspaper site or anything.

Blog is for personal exposition of ideas. Bloggers interact with the readers through the comment section below each post. Regular and direct interaction maintains the regular flow of traffic. It is very crucial for the earning part that you maintain regular traffic.

Trust and loyalty on the blog are won by trustworthy and genuine information only. Heresy and unverified information ruin the blog and serious readers avoid making the next visit.


There is a misunderstanding that in order to be a good blogger one needs to be a good writer. Let me assure you it is entirely wrong. All you need to do is provide simplified, readable, digestible, and credible information. So, one thing becomes inevitable here. Yuu must be able to verify your data through a general google search.

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There should be a specific topic in your mind for running a blog. Like here on YuuWee I write whatever interests me. What intrigues me and makes me curious. I write for myself. To learn and to make my readership well aware of the local and international trends in politics, technology, and anything viral.

·         Generation of wealth from the ease of your couch. If done with a strategy, it can be fun and very lucrative. There are tons of bloggers that earn thousands of dollars in a month only through blogging. Yuu can be one of them too. So, it is a reliable and good source of income. Just spending a few hours, a week can make you money as long as the post is on the site.

  • Share your personal narrative, experiences, and stories. Your blog is your mouthpiece. It gives you voice and makes you heard to thousands and millions (as said earlier, your information provided must be valid, and reliable). Initially, blogs were used personal diaries by celebrities, and bloggers. Now they span over a variety of topics.
  • Virality of business or a self-persona. No, you will not get a bunch of photographers all your life behind you because of merely a post you make but believe me you will still get a good amount of fan following and readership. Regular visitors are proof of the approval of your ideas. Yes, some do read your posts from your friends to see how good or bad you are doing. But still, both kinds of readership make you money.
  • Community Making. Blogging allows you to make a new community that wants to keep itself well informed about what is going on around the world in specific fields. It is and it should be a good source of knowledge and reliable information.

Internet users around the globe are increasing rapidly around the world. It means your chances of success as a newbie are increasing in resonance.

Enough talking, the big question arises here that How to Start a Blog? Creating a blog does not take more than 30 precious minutes of your life. Under are 6 steps for blog creation.

  1. Blog Name. (chose a short, easy to remember and unique name)
  2. Get it online (get a hosting and register, does not matter if you don’t know what a hosting is. I will explain later in the paragraphs below.)
  3. Customize it (make its appearance very unique and its interface design according to your taste and requirements.
  4. Make the fist post (the most fun part)
  5. Promote your blog, make it viral and share with everyone in your reach.
  6. Monetize it (choose from multiple options online as Google AdSense and other)


·         Choose a name that interests you. It can be anything of your liking from a variety of subjects. Reading, movies, travels, cars, mobiles, laptops, technology, science, your own perspective on things, fashion. Do not worry about anything odd. Internet population comprises of billions, so, you can have your share a couple of thousand regular visitors in a matter of months.

·         Personal experiences. A friend of mine started his blog on cryptocurrency. The fun part is that he knew nothing about it except for some rudimentary knowledge. He researched his topic well and wrote around 20 posts on the topic. And earned about $2,500 from it AdSense.

Once you are sure what you want to write about. Now chose a name that is relevant to your topic. Or it should be unique.

If you are unable to decide a name by yourself, tell me your story or area of interest in the comment box below. I will give you some suggestions, all for free.


This step seems very technical but let me assure you it is not. Prior to starting my own blog YuuWee, I had zero know-how about hosting and things like that. I have never studied computing, nor I have any knowledge about languages (CSS, Html, java). My educational background has always been arts subjects. So do not panic, you are not alone. So just search online about the hosting companies. And get hosting for your blog.

Hosting companies store your online data in their servers to be accessible by anyone around the world. It is a sort of an archive that helps store and arranges the files you upload and lets you edit anytime you like. But it does charge you. Nothing is free in this world my friend.

WordPress, Blogger, Elementor are good examples of website builders. The first two help you to build a customized themed blog or website. They let you choose from multi dozen free theme designs and plugins. Blogger even provides you hosting. As it is owned by Google so I will recommend that initially. But you can go for any website builder of your liking personal preference. is also hosted on Blogger.

These are some of the best hosting companies. Yes, there are many local companies as well in the USA, India, Pakistan, and your local own country. Search online and find your own local company. Every company provides step by step solution for hosting so don’t worry you will not be troubled. There are tons of Youtube tutorials as well to help you in this regard.


In Blogger or WordPress install your preferred theme. Add buttons and pages you like and color of your pages and designs. There are tons of templates to suit your taste. In WordPress go to as displayed under in Themes from APPEARANCE section and in Blogger go to Themes directly displayed.

YuuWee's setting page on Blogger

My other website's Dashboard on WordPress


Here is the fun part fellow. You are going to be famous now and known for your talent. You are soon going to be acknowledged as a blogger. Get a visiting card published and write your social media contacts on it along your website name. You are a tech-savvy now. Voila...!

Just search online your topics, have an idea, make a synopsis of it like INTRO, BODY PART, DISCUSSION, YOUR VIEWS, SUMMARY, and you are good to go. If you want to write on fashion search top five fashion website blogs. The same goes for the rest of the topics.


After publishing your first post. Copy the link and start sharing in your WHATSAPP STATUS, FACEBOOK, INSTA, TWITTER & other social media accounts. Keep increasing your friends on your social media accounts.


You are getting excited my friend. The fun part was making a post. Now comes the lucrative part. Earning. After making 5-7 posts you can apply for Google AdSense. People say that Google does not approve new accounts. It is wrong. Actually, Google has changed its algorithms. In 2019 people in India and Pakistan sold AdSense accounts. Now google accepts one account from one IP address or you can say from one machine (laptop or desktop). Google now does not approve accounts in bulk. You can use one account to your all multiple websites.

I hope it helped you. Keep visiting please.


Please your insights about the knowledge that is shared in this platform. after all, it's all about Yuu. Don't forget to share the post.

  1. Thanks for posting such an informative material. It helps me clear my understanding.

    1. thank you very much dear, Please do share my posts with your friends and colleagues as well. check out my latest post on Blockchiain and Cryptocurrency thank you.


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Please your insights about the knowledge that is shared in this platform. after all, it's all about Yuu. Don't forget to share the post.

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