Ehsaas kafalat program 2020

* General_notice * The 6-month installment of BISP or Ehsas Kifalat program of Rs. 12,000 thousand is starting very soon.

1. * This installment is for old money laundering women only. *

2. For the women and men who were given Rs. 12,000 due to the emergency of Corona virus, there is no money again. They are asked not to leave their homes for money. Don't waste time and rent.

3. Women whose old accounts, government jobs, passports and mobiles are blocked due to usage of more than Rs. Don't waste money.

4. Women who have biometric and fingerprint issues should get their fingerprint updated from the NADRA office near them and receive the installment after a week.

5. Only 8171 messages can be sent to your mobile. 

If a call or message comes from any other number, consider it a fraud.

Please share this information with the poor and needy people around you.

Please ... * Feeling sponsored *

Today, the Prime Minister under the spirit of sponsorship

7 million beneficiaries to start payments

Visited the sponsorship payment center in Islamabad.

He was informed about the various measures introduced to improve the quality of payments,

Raised to prevent cybercrime and open digital savings accounts for consumers

Payment of Ehsas Kafalat will be done in phases. The first phase has started today

In which 4.3 million women will be paid. The payment amount is Rs. 12,000

July-December 2020 consists of bi-monthly installments. This time women can also withdraw money from ATM machines installed at the branches of partner banks.

The Prime Minister has already approved to increase the number of Ehsas Kafalat subscribers to 7 million, which means that 7 million households will now benefit from Ehsas Kafalat.

Payments to the new beneficiaries will start after December this year and the whole process will be completed in the current financial year.The multi-faceted reforms introduced under the auspices of the Affordability Protocol on the quality of biometric retail machines and their safe and transparent use,

Receipts, electronic Consumer grievance redressal system.Real-time reporting of payments and payment information dashboards are at the forefront.Through the Realization One Woman One Account initiative seven million deserving households will have access to banks and they will get savings from banks,

You will also be able to get services like loans and insurance.The system will be fully operational in December, opening new doors for positive economic change for deserving families. Through the Realization One Woman One Account initiative 

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