How to find Computerized National Identity Card information (CNIC)?

The government of Pakistan supports the idea of e-government across the country through new modern technology and cutting-edge solutions. The launch of a country-wide Digital Pakistan campaign and the digitization of NADRA are clear indicators of the authorities' now more emphasis on the implementation of technical solutions for the public. With NADRA's digitized system as well, all its records are readily available and digitally trackable in order to get full information and data of your CNIC. There are some ways to get all the information of your CNIC.

How to track your CNIC?
The monitoring system of NADRA CNIC works with SMS services. It's compatible with all of Pakistan's mobile networks. Therefore, it is very easy, if you know nothing about the procedure. This is the way that how to control your CNIC via SMS.

·        First of all, open the text message platform

·        Send your requested CNIC number (a special thirteen-digit number) to 8300

·        On your screen you will get an immediate response. It takes a few seconds to check for NADRA to check the CNIC number

·        The details you will be given are CNIC's owner's address and their CNIC registered zonal information.

NADRA CNIC Verification

on System is also operating via SMS, as we have observed in identity tracking. You can use this method effectively, regardless of your mobile telephone link in Pakistan. So, this is how your CNIC is tested by SMS.

·        You must open the text message window in the first stage

·        Now type the CNIC number to check.

·        Send 7000 of your message

·        For NADRA CNIC record checking via SMS, you may be charged PKR 10 plus tax.

In reply you will receive the name of the CNIC owner, along with the name of their parent. You can search your CNIC using SMS like this.

The SMS tracking system is designed to save time and energy for many people who don't need to monitor or check a CNIC in Pakistan at the NADRA centers.

How to get information of CNIC online from NADRA?

Now, in order to know the NADRA CNIC testing process through its e-portal. You must sign up for NADRA e-portal as a first thing in this respect. If you are do not know how to register for NADRA portal, then here are a few quick steps to take you should follow to know;

·        Open your browser and type it in:

·        Now press "Create a New Account." In a page like a form, fill out your info.

·        Please complete the remaining details. This is how NADRA can be recorded on the online portal in Pakistan and NADRA CNIC records checked.

·        You will obtain a verification code after all the information has been saved and you need to enter it further. You will search your account on the NADRA e-portal.

     You can easily login and use NADRA's online services after you have done the verification process for your account.

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You can see these options on your computer after logging in.
 To continue the CNIC verification process, please click on " Verisys Services"
You can need to review your CNIC using online payment methods.
 You will be charged PKR 300 for online CNIC checks.
You will have to click a checkbox against a declaration to complete the online CNIC verification process. Finally, you can find the information to confirm that you hold a desired CNIC. So, these are the ways to get information of your CNIC from NADRA.


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Please your insights about the knowledge that is shared in this platform. after all, it's all about Yuu. Don't forget to share the post.

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