Yuuwee is a platform that connects all the YOUs and WEs out there.It is a platform for knowledge seekers, young readers and ladies at home who feel that reading and keeping an up to date knowledge of current era is essential for the survival in this modern age. At Yuuwee, we are dedicated to deliver Yuu what Wee feel is right and apt for yuu.
Yuu will find knowledge and information in the simplest of words and least of phraseology about Technology, Politics, Travel, current Trends in the main stream media of Pakistan and around the Globe, much for Yuu to gulp in a single draft. Yuuwee will satiate your hunger of knowledge, it will quench your thirst of erudition, but will also help you to digest all yuu read.
We are a small team based in district Bahawalnagar, Tehsil MinchinAbad, Punjab of Pakistan. CEO of Yuuwee is Mr. Asif Khokhar, a young hardworking entrepreneur who has multiple other businesses as well and a Youtube channel with the name of TECHNICAL U919.

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