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Corona's death toll is rising globally day by day. It has caused thousands of lives around the globe without any discrimination of color creed and race. There is a widespread panic that it might take months for a global lockdown to be lifted and might cause millions of lives as well.

The reason for the rise of deaths is obvious. People are not seriously concerned about their health and safety. I think there are many reasons. Humans have never witnessed such a global scale pandemic spreading in such a short period of time and enwrapping the whole world causing every major and superpower to shut down the whole country. And, people have never seen a person dying of corona live on a TV. This could be due to media regulations, but one needs to understand that it is a matter of life and death for the people, so it should be allowed to be telecasted live the conditions of corona patients. In such times, all the entertainments should be suspended on linear media channels and social platforms like Youtube should filter out everything except information regarding corona and precautions to stay safe and secure.
Misinformation should be curbed. There are watchdogs in every country that look after and filter the mass media. Anyone who says that corona is a conspiracy of Western countries or China should be arrested or at least his account should be blocked. Anyone who claims to have a healing power or is a claimant of having medicine to its cure should be asked and tried by local authorities. Local Imams, Priests, and Pandits should be assigned duties as to make a part of their weekly and daily sermons to educate their respective followers regarding corona. Local politicians, health officials, public officials and other people who have a say in public should also join the cause to educate masses.
People are not taking the lockdowns seriously around the globe. It a matter of worry not for only Pakistan but also for Italy and the USA. You can not put the people behind the bars. Those incarcerations would be insufficient for the whole country. PM of Pakistan Imran Khan has done a tremendous job, he is asking volunteers to help the local armed forces and authorities to disburse rations and educate the localities.
By nature, people are liberal. They don’t like to wear shackles. They don’t like to be guided by others and abide by the law. There are certain things that the state needs to do. First of all, all the media appearances in such a time should be made with a full health apparatus. Everyone who appears in front of the camera should be wearing a mask, gloves and safety goggles. Second of all everyone should a sentence in the synchronicity of the surrounding that, “we are here for you, because we care for you, please wash your hands for 20 seconds, wear a mask, and self-quarantine yourself for 14 days”. This will help greatly the state and will definitely prove to be fruitful.
If the death toll does not halt here, it might wipe out the whole human civilization. In order to prevent major damages, countries need to take the measures prescribed above. In only a couple of months, the virus has taken thousands of human lives. It spread from a single human being. Research is currently going on in almost every country to find how it started. We will discover that soon inshAllah. But, the most important for the time being is, that we should not be the carrier of the virus if we are not affected by it.
So far, the global response has been tremendous. Every possible measure has been taken very carefully. Other are threats lurking with corona such as a rise in the poverty petty crimes. But overall, things are under control. Because nothing is above human life. And, it should rightly be the concern of every humane government.
Religious people have behaved strangely in such odd times. Like in Pakistan, almost every mullah said that Masjid can not be locked down because through these sanctums we will ask for mercy from Allah. No one is taking into consideration the condition of people in Malaysia where a single person transferred the virus to the whole masjid. Exactly the same is the case in the USA with churches and in India with Mandirs.
Asia is entirely different from the West. People here are very disciplined in Korea, China, and Japan. They abide by the law willfully and Muslims follow their rulers as a religious duty. West is prone to liberalism. The death toll is an example of this in Italy and the USA. On the other hand, Korea has controlled the pandemic and the same has been done by China. Pakistan is another example that has a very low number of corona patients.

There is not any hard and fast rule to stay safe from the corona. You only have to keep your face covered with a mask and wash your hands whenever you get a chance to. Means, you should wash your hands whenever you enter your home or shake hands with another person. Keep your glass of water separate and do not socialize until the pandemic is widespread.

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