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Life on a Standstill Pakistan is on the standstill due to the recent dramatic surge of the pandemic Covid-19. What is it? It is not a new virus but a novel one into the series of other coronaviruses.
 It is related to the SARS viruses (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) with similar symptoms. Response of West Strangely the virus spread acutely into the nations that were considered socially distant, where family system was shattered and where self-isolation is a life style. On the other hand, in Pakistan, it did not spread with such an intensity. Here everything is vice versa to the west.
 Socio-cultural fabric whole country is entirely opposite. People are more connected here and more socializing. Pakistanis are most generous Although it has caused variable results, but overall people have not suffered much from the disease. According to a survey conducted by Agha Khan Foundation couple of decades ago.
 Pakistan is the most generous country that contributes to donations leaving behind USA and major European countries. Pakistan is on the Safer Side Comparatively the death toll in Pakistan is not as high as it is in USA and Europe. Where there is the strongest infrastructure is health related.

 Those countries spend multibillion dollars on health budget. Their system has failed, and the death toll is rising day by day. Virus has exposed Western mentality Ironically our middle and upper middle class follows Europe and America in every walk of life. Considers them as hero and as a symbol of “class” status and lifestyle. 
They proved to be the most illiterate ones in the recent global novel Covid-19. They don’t wash hands after using washroom. They don’t follow government laws as considered in the East that they are the most law-abiding citizens. They are habitually against the strains and chains. They take every liberty which they can. 
So, they are suffering the most. Time has proved wrong the perceptions about Pakistanis. Pakistan is considered as somewhat a lawless society. Where law is only for the poor and pauper. But strangely enough, the elites are confined to their homes same as the poor. Rather they are helping the needy and the wretched ones.
 In this way they are both helping the government and the masses on vast scale. Contrarily in USA people are storing foods and rations so as to keep themselves alive in the acute need. They did not care much for their fellow citizens, but in Pakistan people who are well to do are caring for poor according to their respective capacities.
 May the pandemic be over soon, may Yuu guys be safe out there, may Wee be keeping Yuu more informed.The virus has once again, proved the Pakistanis a great nation in making.

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